Refer a Friend - What's the deal?

Terms and Conditions

As with any offers, we have some terms and conditions All you have to do is fill out the form on this page and we'll do the rest! As long as your friend isn't on our system prior to submitting this referral and that they start their cleaning with Skruub, we'll give you a £25.00 voucher and our new client will receive £25.00 off their 4th clean. It's as simple as that!

Once you submit all the details, We will contact your refer a friend to make sure they are happy to begin the referral process. If they are, one of our friendly advisors will get in touch to get the cleaning service underway, it couldn’t be easier!

The following terms and conditions apply and are accepted by anyone participating in the ‘Refer-a-Friend’ scheme, or referring potential customers to Skruub.

1. How do I know if I can refer a friend?

1.1 All customer referrals must be made to Skruub prior to the potential customer engaging with Skruub; referrals cannot be accepted retrospectively.
1.2 The person referring must obtain prior consent from the potential customer before referring to Skruub and the individual/customer must be aware that they are being referred to Skruub.
1.3 The offer is not open to a referred customer who is already known to, or registered with, Skruub at the time of the referral.
1.4 The referred client must have 3 cleans before the individual will qualify for the £25.00 voucher.
1.5 Any potential customer or person referred to Skruub must have 3 cleans within 3 months of the referral date before they will be eligible to receive £25.00 off the 4th clean.
1.6 The referral must be within our current working areas

2. How do I submit a referral?

2.1 All referrals must be made via online application in the first instance. If your referral’s details are already in our system, the referral will be marked as a duplicate and no voucher will be paid.
2.2 You will need to visit our Refer a Friend page to submit the referral. Skruub will then request further details from you regarding the referral.

3. When will my referral payment made?

3.1 The referral bonus is paid after 3 successful cleans and the first clean must be within 3 months of the referral date, for the referral to be valid.
3.2 The bonus to the new client is deducted from the 4th clean and the voucher paid to the referrer will be sent via e-mail.

4. How many referrals can I make?

4.1 There are no limits to the number of referrals that can be made.

5. Other Conditions

5.1 Information supplied will be used in line with Skruub's Privacy Policy.
5.2 Skruub reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel or withdraw the “Refer a Friend” scheme at any time and without notice.
5.3 Skruub shall not be liable for any losses or damages that may result from entering the “Refer a Friend” scheme.
5.4 All information received by Skruub is taken in good faith and on the understanding from the person referring that they are authorised to pass the information which will be free from any intellectual property claims.
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